Bill into Law


How does a bill become a law?


law, bill, representative, committee, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, President, legislative branch, executive branch, judicial branch, judges (click on the link to review what they mean-- VOCAB)


Our classroom buddies are learning about the government and want to learn about how a bill becomes a law. The best way to teach someone is through a fun and engaging way that will motivate them-- like through a game. So you are going to create a game that will demonstrate how a bill becomes a law!!

1. First you must research the process of how a bill becomes a law as a group and complete graphic organizer. (Use google search here to help!)--- The teacher will walk around and be conferencing with you while you are doing this!


2. Create a game for someone to play to help them understand the process of how a bill becomes a law.
3. Game should include a material, rules and directions, along with a catchy title.
4. After you and your group believe you are finished, play the game to make sure it works. Then ask another group to play the game to find any errors that need to be fixed. The teacher will be checking in to conference and see if you have any questions during this part.
5. Play with buddies from other classroom!


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